Pdoc in ten mins....such a good doctor

it’s no nonsense when I go to the pdoc…she asks me the emergency questions and then when I say I’m fine she just fills my prescriptions and I am outta there…yay.


nice glad you have a good pdoc you can trust
good luck on your appointment


Sounds good 1211


My pdoc has so many people to deal with post Covid 19 that he doesn’t even have time to safely monitor my medication

It’s the only show in town so I have to put up with it

I complained the other day, and said before covid when going up or down on meds the pdoc was always seeing me to monitor.

My case worker said back then he had 40-50 patients, now it’s more like 300-400!

What I don’t understand is why primary practice doctors are swamping secondary mental health services with people - denying those with SMI a basic level of care.

It’s not like everyone has suddenly contracted SZ or bi polar etc because of Covid.

Might sound selfish, but I don’t care. As my aunt put it, I am the patient and have a right to basic level of care.

It’s not directly my problem and they shouldn’t be using it as an excuse to the client or whatever you like to be called


Blimey 300 patients!wow!!


@Joker I am so sorry it’s that way for you. the only reason I live in this town is because of the excellent non profit mental health clinic here.

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the similar thing happened with my act team(mh team) they lost 3 sw when covid hit and they haven’t found replacements

so their work load has doubled

and they use to do home visits because of patients with agoraphobia or shut ins

now they can only do phone calls not enough treatment

they see me in person ounce a week cause i wont talk on the phone and im high risk

i also goto a group only one other in person two on zoom and we social
distance and mask up

i do talk to one sw on the phone a week but its only like 5 mins cause they understand my fear of the phone

it sux but its life with covid

I’m in ACT too here in Minnesota. They canceled all groups for a long time when Covid hit then last year they started doing groups again. They only have three groups a week and I go to all of them and I’ll be going to a fourth group soon that will only be for six weeks.

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thats awesome

they only allowed two groups here to open and one i cant goto cause its mens only

the one i goto is sz only

do you like your team

i like all but one i dont like her and she is my therapist

i have to put up with her cause there is no one else available at this time

Im glad you got on an act team they really help

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Yeah I have a good team and I get along with all the staff and clients. Someone helped me get into ACT in 2018 and it’s been really good for me. They help me with paperwork and give me my Invega Trinza shot every three months.

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ya my pdoc at the time i moved here to maine got me into a scholarship program and handled all the paper work

now they still do all the paper work and i can see the act team pdoc when ever needed

like right now i see her once a week

they are even setting me up with a free lawyer to put my house back into a trust

the team has saved my life several times im a live cause of them

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That great. We’re really fortunate to have ACT teams where we live.

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yup im very grateful

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My Doctor has still not started live appointments.
Its online only so don’t even have to dive there.

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Hey, it’s nice to see you on here @katwomansz

Waving to Wave! Long time. Feeling good but MS of all things kicks my butt

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I’m sorry @katwomansz
Thanks for the wave!

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I am being referred to an AOT (Assertive Outreach Team)

Is that a similar thing?

Not sure if they will accept me though - or if I want to be accepted

It works for me. We do 10 minutes. I talk about cricket. He finds out if I’m thinking clearly. If I have any problems I bring them up but I’m pretty stable so chit chat is fine. Get scripts if need them but for me the important thing is do this every 6 weeks regardless.

Because…If I ever need crisis care it’s impossible to get it when you need it quickly so staying in the system is a proactive thing. Back when I was in the states I had an hour with my psydoc with my insurance. I honestly ran out of things to say and much prefer the 15 minutes tops I get back here.

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I meet my pdoc in a couple of hours. Our appointments last 30 min.

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