Pdoc appt. in two hours

just a quick check in for refills…shouldn’t be too bad…I get along with my pdoc…do you?

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I don’t have a pdoc since 2021

For the most part, yes.

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Yea my pdoc is pretty cool… she even listens to me lol

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My pdoc is very nice person who realized I was going into heart failure I went to a GP and the doctor told me it was the flu I consider her very smart but she should/could become a even better cardiologist that’s just my opinion

I get along with her. But we haven’t always. She once threatened to have me forced medication. I didn’t appreciate that.

How did she realize you were going into heart failure?

Good luck hope it goes well

Idk im glad she did i thought I was on too much meds and almost quit them turned out the reason why I was having difficulty walking breathing and thinking was due to my heart not my meds I’d of died if I didn’t go to that appointment


Thank God !!! Hope your better now man .

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I don’t know my new psychiatrist well
I just saw her for the first time a few weeks back.
She seemed nice enough and she also doesn’t seem like she would overprescribe, which is good.

I’ve had the same psychiatrist from when I was 18 I’m now 31

I had one pdoc who died