Pdoc appointment went well

Well I saw my pdoc yesterday and she approved for me to lower my dose of Loxapine and take it twice a day now instead of once a day at night like before. Hoping it helps with my hallucinations of that little boy I’ve been seeing. So now I’m to take 10mg twice a day. I hope that’s enough. I’m super lucky the pharmacy seems to have Loxapine back in stock now


Hi Hanna. I’m glad they helped find the right mg. I took loxapine for a short time.


Hope it sorts things out for you. Keep in the process and good luck. Changing meds can be so good and sometimes so bad for us. Hope it’s a good outcome.

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Best of luck with it @Hanna_Foxx

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Good luck with your new dosage @Hanna_Foxx

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Well I did not sleep well last night. Just hoping I have to just get used to it or something

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Good luck @Hanna_Foxx. Hope it works out for you.

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