Pdoc appointment today

I had an appointment with a new new pdoc today, the last one I saw was new also but, this time it was a different guy, he was nice and upped me to 140mg latuda to deal with agitation, he wanted to max dose me but I did not want that again. One of these days I’ll have a doc for more than a year that doesn’t Houdini on me lol.

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It sounds like it went good and you have a good change coming.

Indeed. 42069710

It’s good to have a psydoc who listens too you. I like mine because he allows me some input with my treatment. It’s more a team effort and I like that.

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It sounds like you’ve got a winner. Be nice to him.

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Yes, it is nice, first time ever I’ve been able to say my side of things and they listen. Yay for progress in mental health treatment people!


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