Paying so much

My partner and i are in all paying over 1700 a month in bills for my in-laws while they go out and buy new flooring . They had the nerve to ask for gas money . My partner’s Uncle is suppose to teach her how to drive but nothing yet

yeah parents… you can never change them. We are stuck with them.

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@cbbrown. For that kind of money, can’t you and your partner rent a nice place of your own?

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my partner has a van but no license she has a learners permit but no one wants to help her learn to drive. its ridiculous. they keep making excuses, first she had to put the van in her name then get insurance on it then they said she has to pay gas money but she pays them 450 plus 75 for their tv every two weeks, this last week she paid even more she paid for the cat, cat food, cat flea treatment, cat litter, cat vet visit and the shih Tzu’s vet visit

Why doesn’t she just pay someone to teach her how to drive? Are there any driving schools in your area?

I don’t know I think she figures we pay so much in bills we don’t have enough to pay for the driving lessons. I don’t know about driving schools last we checked they were about 500 and her dad said they were only for people with points on their license and high schoolers but you never know.

i’m sorry I am being so negative I am just having a hard day.

maybe she should go for driving school. If she is/can pay for it. A driving school is a business. I dont think a business will turn down money just because she is not a teen aged person. she call and find out for certain.

Don’t worry about that. I only hold negativity against someone when they don’t have a legitimate reason to be negative. If someone is treating you unfairly belly ache away.

Yeah parents… they were trying to help my wife and I sell our old house, they got paid back before we got profit. How can someone put over 200k into a house to increase the value 50k and feel good about it. Not were not sure if we can pay for the dog training for my sons dog to become a service dog.

I recommend a driving instructor if you’re willing to practice more in your own time. We have those $40 per session for 4 sessions instructors here. They just teach you everywhere where you could loose points and most people, including me, passed on the first try.

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