Paying for care needs vs financially keeping your head above water

I am due to be assessed by social services about my care needs. I am wondering in this age of heavy benefit cuts(I’ve lost over £4000 PA since 2014) how people balance affording to pay for their care needs vs keeping their heads above water financially. I guess it comes down to rationing what you are willing to pay for your care needs and prioritising,something I’m not good at .

I had to get a X’s to co sign a loan because she or I didn’t have a ride. so we got a 1,200.00 car from a car dealer, and share the cost on the ins and car.

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I had to advocate for myself to get better benefits yesterday and today. They’ll go into place on the 1st. I literally spent 2 8-hour days on the phone and talked with at least a dozen people to make it all happen. It was not easy as I’m afraid of the phone. I’m hoarse, overloaded and feel a meltdown of sorts coming on from the stress.

The IVF clinic doesn’t take Medicare insurances. We will have to finance any treatments if we decide to do it.

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