Paying back!

It’s an old idea for sure and I know it’s been done. We’re a marginalized group for sure and we are poor but still. I like to give where I can and donating to this site to keep it up an operational isn’t a bad thing in the scheme of things.

All’s I’m suggesting. Can you put up a gofund me or similar thing that I can donate with paypal? I like paypal as it’s something easy and has some backup. I know it’s been done and tried but a subscription isn’t a bad thing for the community!

I know it would increase the need for moderation! I said this and I’m a member but they treated me like shite…It would add some drama but honestly. I’d like to pay back some!

What is the Admin concerns and why can’t we make it happen?

I’m not expecting everyone to commit but I think you’d find many would pay to subscribe. It’s an old model and I’m sure it would fit in.

Just a suggestion!


So. I subscribe to an alternative radio station. It makes it’s bread on subscriptions. You can still listen to it and that is great but if you want to do a shout out or recommend a song you have to be a member.

A member gets benefits. I’m not sure how you fit that in but it’s worth thinking about.

As I say it will need more moderation but it’s probably a small price to pay for just getting over the line where your losing money. Not sure it would work but sure admins and others could have a say!

I would hate to see anyone left out because they could not afford the subscription. However, I am all for a PayPal donation link. I know I’d like to give to it.


Yeah @Val. All’s I’m saying is a subscription model could work. We are all held to standard but if you can …a member pays a yearly subscription. You don’t have to be a member. We have always let everyone talk and that is important to continue but if you can afford it! Do it!

All’s I’m suggesting! Many of us come here daily and would donate if we can!

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I might donate something after my bills come due, and I know how my finances stand.


Yeah Look @crimby. We can’t and don’t want to lock people out. That would defeat the whole ethos of the website.

All’s I’m saying. Can we somehow lock in a system where our better financial members can lock in some support to keep the whole thing going? It would bring some drama for sure and I’m not sure it’d work but it’s a question worth asking.

Put an animation next to my name just to let people know I donate. That is all you need. Nothing special…I’d just like to financially contribute to this website when I can!

It’s worth the discussion!

It would be good if it was discrete though. I hate forums where they put the donate buttons everywhere.

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@anon98459728 . Our biggest concern was we had a button but the costs of that button cost the website more than what it was worthwhile doing it!

All’s I’m asking is can we come up with a funding model which works for the community? There’s smarter people than me involved but how can we come up with something that helps us all out.

I’d like to contribute when I can. That doesn’t happen every week. I’m running a car on a pension but I’d like to put some money back into the mess it is because it’s the right thing to do!


I would donate. I think this site is great and the Discourse system is really great.

I would hope the donate pages would appear voluntarily rather than before the site is about to close.

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mate. I think it’s a great platform and works well.

At the cost of some moderation we need a better funding system. I get it there’s a big lag in those who can contribute. Overall as a community we need better funding models!

maybe if we all write to one of the nonprofit schizophrenia societies they would donate a sum of money for the platform?
Most of us have few dollars to spare. but hey maybe our words can sway the bigger guys!

we could all write to these guys, they look like they would be open to helping since there vision is appropriate opportunity for treatment and help.

theres a message box for inquiries to write in on the front page