Payee trying to say im not allowed to have a bank account?

My payee is trying to say im not supposed to have a bank account. How many of you have fought the decision to have a payee? I dunno what there going to do freeze my money or what

Seems like they always want us chained but you know banks charge fees you can’t win

You have to choose someone trustworthy to be a payee. I have two checking accounts, at different banks. I’ve been diagnosed since 2008, have a car and a motorcycle and am a veteran. I get ssi and va disability. I’m really sorry to hear you can’t allot your own account…maybe by telling them what the account would be for maybe they’d entertain the idea.

I hope you regain your independence too, that just sort of sucks. I buy lots of books, clothes and blankets online. I dunno how life would be if I didn’t have that ability.