Paydays are Fundays!

So. Had a good lunch with dad, my aunt and my lovely sister came up from town as a surprise. Anyways. Made some investments for my health and did some internet shopping for some toys and some equipment for health. Got a good deal on a straight weight bar…

Have an ez curl bar but having a straight bar gives me room for more fitness exercises. Doing really well with low weight/high rep type training but actually increased weights for a better gain. I’m not doing too badly…

Investing in your fitness is really beneficial to your mental health as I’ve found!


wow good for you !! I am toning up my chest back and arms doing isometrics…I will start callesthenics after I get to my ideal weight.


My payday tonight thank god. Ive got 28 pence in the bank lol. Wont be shopping - i filled up my chest freezers a couple of weeks ago, so im gonna live outta them. All i need is my tobbaco for 2 weeks and the rest im gonna try and leave in there.


Very happy to hear of your health progress. I need to follow your example once this move is one and done (the 26th is coming at us pretty fast).

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