Patrick's tarot reading

This is the story it’s telling me…
You are a fair minded person. You have a flair be being “just” and “fair” with everyone. You are being patient about the pension, investing and having faith. Slow and steady, you’re thinking.
Here’s 3 things to work on or with:
You are worried that your illness makes you impulsive, but you know the way through it’s darkness. You have balance in the sh*t storm of your mind. On the one hand, you have a really good idea sprouting. It IS a good idea. Follow through, although I know you will from the other cards. On the other hand, you feel a lack of creative spirit, and this frustrates you. You feel like you’ve done all the paperwork, but you’re missing something.
You are afraid to factor in the new idea, because you think it won’t work out.

I could be way off lol, but I hope that helps. Lemme know. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t reply in the thread, because I’m new and there’s a cap on posts.


Whoah… that was kind of specific!!

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My brother tells me the only time I blow a gasket is when I find something unfair! So you are bang on right off the mark!

My good idea is an upcoming song I wrote which I need to record!

And all the other stuff you wrote was great! Thanks so much for the reading! :slight_smile:


Wow, that was impressive

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Would you mind doing a reading for me? I understand if you don’t want to open that door to being asked all the time

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I love writing and recording music. And I’m happy with the process, I love working with my friends on new Tunes. Will I ever get recognition as a songwriter?