@Patrick was probably just craving attention (TW)

Just a gentle lifeline to Patrick. Besides he did apologize (at least) twice.

Dialing my (apparent biases back : )) I’ll just say this:

Patrick, I followed what you described as your “Spectacle” delusion when you were going through that.

Fascinating to me - is that you have the Grand(eur) type thoughts, without the fear of meeting a “grand type” err ahem ending. (But I had that - “I did that” to myself for three months)(2012).

I have grandeur and I think the term I’m circling is “Persecution with Grandeur”.

But with the world and society they must just see it as though I’m pRoJeCting and that I’m capable of all that to another simply because I can think about it a lot?

That’s my fight; and it doesn’t look good.

But back to you; you show no evidence of this darkness (like at all) and so I meant it when I said I think “you’re a decent and good man.” Like through and through, even.

That is all.


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