Patients With Idiopathic Scoliosis Run an Increased Risk of Schizophrenia


My young niece has/had scoliosis . I’m not sure if it was idiopathic or not . She’s doing well . Hopefully it will stay that way . she’ll be 23 this year .

That’s interesting.

My sister has/had scoliosis and had to have corrective surgery.

She also has schizophrenia.

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My niece had surgery for it .

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My son has mild scoliosis.

I was told last year I had scoliosis.It was reckoned I’d had since at least my teens. For it only to be spotted at the age of 64 suggests it’s very mild.

I don’t know if I have scoliosis or not. However I had poor posture since forever, so it probably played a part.

Same with me-poor gait and posture.

I have scoliosis. And sz