Patients with HIV Six Times as Likely to Have Shizophrenia


Man this is heart blowing…!!! Aids and sz…!!!
Two cancer at one body…!!! The almighty is cruel…!!

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So maybe if they were having episodes they were more likely to engage in risky behavior and not use condoms?


More likely linked to drug use.


Oh. I read the article. Apparently the factor was Intravenous drug use. That’s sad, because the drugs likely only make the psychosis worse.


Specifically sharing needles (free, clean needles would reduce HIV contraction).

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I didn’t read it, so perhaps it says so, but HIV infection also gets into the brain and can cause cognitive impairment and a sort of dementia. This is usually after many years of infection.

My brother has been described as having HIV related psychosis. It’s hard to tease out that from the cumulative effect of cannabis which had made him increasingly paranoid.

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Sorry about your brother. It’s a terrible disease.

They did find though, that like sz, cognitve training helps in HIV related cognitive impairment as well.

Cognitively he’s reasonably ok . He’s been HIV for over 25 years. The main problem has been the paranoia.

I was desperate and donated plasma, and swear they gave me something. never go there again.