Patients did better when treatment included a large dose of psychotherapy

Comprehensive Tx Works Best in Early Schizophrenia, Trial Shows

Treatment that emphasized psychotherapy and team-based care was more effective for patients with early symptoms of schizophrenia compared with standard drug-based therapy, according to findings from a much-awaited study appearing in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

The cluster-randomized trial involving some 400 patients…

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Wish my care team knew this when I was first treated. The drugs they had me on were ruining me and exacerbating my symptoms. All I needed was some overnights & some good social therapy and I would’ve bounced back within months as opposed to what is now years.

But no, instead if was out-patient drug therapy. Sorry, but drugging me & letting me roam was counter-intuitive. I hope to hell I have a God on my side vouching for me when this life of mine is all said & done. Lots of malpractice & apathy from this system of things unto me - in my opinion.