Patient abandonment?

My pdoc recently resigned and the organization that they were with refuses to see me anymore due to loss of insurance even if I self-pay. I was given the names of state services for meds that have very long wait times and one more refill of meds and now they won’t reply to phone calls or messages.

Is this illegal?

I don’t know. I don’t want to think about such a thing happening to me. I’m just not mature enough to handle it.

that sounds rough. i don’t know if it’s legal. But it really must suck big time =O

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Unfortunately I don’t think it’s illegal. Can your primary dr prescribe your meds while you’re on the waitlist?

PCP refused.

I think it’s unethical but I don’t know about illegal. I don’t know.

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Stopping services to a patient without following the proper guidelines is considered abandonment. Pretty much all provinces require the provider to provide referrals to other providers but the specifics vary by region. Some provinces only require referral to one doctor, some require 3.

It depends on your psychiatrist’s contract. Aside from being unprofessional, leaving the contract without fulfilling its terms can be grounds for a civil lawsuit.


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