Patience my friend

The key is patience to create beautiful life


I think the key to life is to manage expectations. To not crave and desire what is unattainable for it will make one miserable.

There is a government plan being set up called ‘benefits to bricks’ which means in the UK instead of housing benefit being paid to a landlord it will go towards a mortgage on your own property.

This is all very well and inspiring but you can only get a mortgage at 3 times or so your annual income. For me, that works out at around £40k.

What I wanted was a small country cottage with a garden and privacy, Have you seen the houses you can get for under £40k in the UK and where they are located?

It was fun having a dream for awhile but then it turned sour and painful realising that what I craved will never be achievable.

So I gave up that aspiration and felt more at peace with myself. Craving and desire brings only unhappiness.

Im not going into detail or argue with you

It is not an argument or even a conflict.

I was merely making a point of interest.


I want patience and I want it now.


I craved a better existence than I had when I first fell ill. It motivated me to improve myself to the point where I was able to achieve it. I would still be stuck in a rut if I hadn’t wanted out of it so badly.

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Yes, gardening for example, you have to wait for the right season to plant or harvest, but you have to water regular as well, and prepare the soil. Not patience alone is the key.

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