Pathways yay

I joined a mental health program today named Pathways. I think it’s really promising and will get me out of the apartment a few days a week… I may not be showing it, but I’m very excited about it :slight_smile:


are you excited about going out of the apartment or meeting the people at the program?

I’m glad for you. Anything that gets you out of the apartment for a while is good. I spend a lot of time cooped up in my apt. too.

I was in a group therapy called Awakenings. Met some alcoholics and depressed people. Only one other guy seemed to have an illness bad enough to debilitate him.

If it’s anything like that it should be an interesting chance to socialize a bit and you’ll learn a lot. We watched a lot of TED talks and covered a lot of other material. Conversation was good. The people were super nice.

Let us know how it goes.

take care :alien:

Thats the one with the commercial?

Sounds great! And I hope you do well.