Pathetic voices keep telling me to kill but I don't want to!

As I sated in the title I don’t wan to kill, but the voices keep telling me to. I try to distract myself with stuff to make them go away (that usually works) but it hasn’t done anything latly. I don’t know how much longer I can last. I need help plz!

You need to tell a doctor and somebody in your life about this. If your crisis gets urgent, don’t hesitate to call the emergency services.


i used to get this all the time but we all know right from wrong, no one has the right to kill any living thing.
you can control your mind it is hard but this is your mind and your body.
you are stronger than you know, know some one cares.
take care


Do you have a doctor or therapist? Are you currently receiving treatment? It is ok to ask for help. You should not be dealing with this on your own. Talk to someone close to you before it gets worse. Call emergency services if you don’t think you can resist the voices any longer.

So what? I just ignore this? Live my life normally? I can’t do this much longer. I don’t want to kill someone but sooner or later someone’s going to die, and it’s looking like it’s going to be me or my victim

i have been listening to these voices for longer than most, i don’t do meds, and i haven’t killed anyone infact i avoid moths and bugs when i drive.
life is about choices, to be good or bad…that is your choice.
my life has been a bag of rubbish, but i have found and made the most out of the little light i could find…
if a stranger comes up to you and says " stab your self " , do you do it, of course not because you are not an idiot…
i have had and am still having a difficult life but i choose kindness and wisdom …
when i die people will say of me that i suffered much but dark sith always was kind.
take care

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You can’t just ignore it but you have the self control to NOT ACT on these thoughts/voices. You may think you don’t, but in reality you do.
As far as 'normal" - everyone is different, and we can be different. I have had intrusive thoughts of a similar nature in the past, usually when someone has done me a great wrong, but I will write about it, draw my feelings out on paper, pray about it. I’ve even gotten angry with God and I figure no harm will come to anyone if I take it up with God.