Pathetic life

i dont like beein on medications. but if i dont take them im gonna die of suicide. i dont feel like a strong person, because i have to rely on medication. when i dont take my medications i become, icant explain. but i dont know if i would survive it. i dont know what to do with my life. i want to work but its to hard. i dont know anything. this isent a answer to live like this i cant live like this. i must be done. i struggle on medications to. what if i go to a place where it isent medications. im just gonna sit there and die. its so pathetic to take medications its no life, i took my medication s today i want to puke them upp.i really hate ewrything.

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I felt like this yesterday. Maybe talk to your doc about different meds or dosage. I have been forcing myself to do anything to combat and distract myself from self loathing. Fcking rant about some â– â– â– â–  or watch 30 mins of fails on youtube.

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I had the same feelings about my life. I made peace with them. Maybe I don’t do much during the day, but there are a lot of people out there doing evil. At least I am not evil. I have as much right to life as anyone else. You never know what good you might be capable of. Some day you might surprise yourself and write a novel of the importance of “War and Peace”.

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Can you try a different medication?

Years ago I was put on Effexor, which isn’t even an AP, but like a heavy duty anti-depressant. It made me feel incredibly drunk and looped. I remember sitting at work and not being able to feel anything or focus on anything. Everything made me laugh even though it wasn’t funny. It was friggin weird, and I couldn’t work like that. I went off of it after about a week, if I remember right.

Some meds are just not right for certain people.

I feel the same pathetic life and feel old and fat on these meds still have problems that meds don’t stop
Feel better during week than at weekend hate having no freinds or relationship

I got to the point where off of meds I was going to commit suicide because i thought God told me to for being a horrible person. Then i ended up in a mental hospital. Then later when I was on meds and realized I had schizophrenia I had to go to the mental hospital because I wanted to commit suicide by my own choice. I hate schizophrenia. Maybe you could try the generic of abilify. It makes it so that I can’t sleep without another drug called mirtazapine. Because it doesn’t make me sleep all the time I can do something with my life. I still think about suicide even though I’m at community college and working for my dad. I guess I just have no hope for the future. I’m afraid I’ll relapse. I feel kind of bad, but I got my dad to order me a wii u. i hope it makes me happy and cures my suicidal thoughts, but I don’t know if it will or not.

At weekends I tend to sit on my arse withering away

You might want to talk to your doc and see if there is a different answer…

When I felt that hopeless… I was on too high of doses of a med that wasn’t working very well for me.

Let the doc know that this is making you feel worse.

Good luck and I hope better meds and new ideas come to you.

Being on meds isn’t the worst thing in the world in my opinion what happens to my mind when I come off the meds is another thing altogether.
However the worst thing you can do is start and stop taking them.
Time to make a decision?

You have to accept that the meds are something good as they stop you killing yourself. I hope you keep trying to get the right meds as this is very important
You take care kate xxx

I am just grateful for meds. It could be a lot worse. I’m in a shite mood today but I want you to know overall life can be good even with meds… even because of meds.

I remember a jimbo from a long time ago.