Pat Deegan's quote sticks in my mind

Speaking of a lot of MI people, she says, “Where the only people who come around you, are people who are paid to come around you”. This quote certainly applies to me.


Yeah I have no friends, the mental health team im under seem to be my only visitors.

This quote applies to me too. My only social interaction consists of the Psychiatrist, Psychologist, General Practitioner and my Support Worker. I am so thankful that I have my sister and brother-in-law. They often have friends over so I just try to blend in somehow or hide in my room.

We just moved to this town two years ago and apparently there is a mental health group but I am just too scared to go.

@Sarah aww I really think you should go…bonding with other MI people is completely refreshing to me anyways…our town used to have a clubhouse and I would go daily cooking my cajun food and playing farkle all the time…good luck…I know the fear can be not easily overlooked but I promise once you open the door the anxiety will subside…you just have to GO there.

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Thanks @jukebox. My Psychiatrist has recently increased my Lexapro to a huge dose of 30mgs in the hope that it helps overcome the anxiety once and for all. I will talk to my support worker to see if she will take me there in the near future.

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I used to call my clinician “my paid for friend”.

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