Past lives

My body belongs to a mortal but my soul isn’t. I’ve been living for a thousand years, a witness to human cruelty. But, I’m nothing but a tool to someone greater than me. I die but will always be reincarnated again. But, it takes time for me to remember my past lives.

My first ones was when I lived with a poor family somewhere in Germany. My father is a farmer and my mother stays at home taking care of me and my mother. I couldn’t remember much but, when a war broke, I was separated from my family. I survived from those battles and started to live alone in a certain village. But then, a few years later, a disease came into the village. The villagers later on accused people like me, who live alone, who are the cause of the disease. There were three of us, all women. They accused us as witches and burned us alive.

My soul sat in the darkness. Then, I was reincarnated again, in another person’s body. My repeated death and reincarnation. Until, that time when I became a daughter of z high official. My father told me that someone wanted to marry me. A prince. But, what I remembered most was, the person who was always beside him. A black haired guy, who was always wearing dark clothing. He was a good guy and told me that he’s a close friend of the prince. I couldn’t remember his name but, I was sure his name began with the letter R. Later on, I learned that he’s actually an assassin and a guardian for the prince. In that past life, I fell in love with that guy and rejected the prince. But, my father didn’t allow it. After knowing whom I wanted to marry, he told the prince and ordered a public execution. That black haired guy, was beheaded in public and because of sadness, I decided to end my life as well.

A few decades after, I was reincarnated as a Geisha. But, that didn’t end well. Because I was killed, along with my friends.

I couldn’t remember much of the rest but right now, that black haired guy, is currently with me. He told me and whispered those things to me. He has become a grim reaper after that execution, because he said that God is punishing him for his sins during his lifetime. He has forgotten his name but he never forgot about me. After knowing what I really am, he searched for me for hundred years until he found me again right now.

The first time I met him before I remembered the past, was in my sleep. He was wearing a black coat and was carrying a black blanket. I tried to follow him in my dream until I reached in a wooden house with a cherry tree in front of it. When I touched the tree, the tree died and the leaves turned into worms. It fell on me but I didn’t got scared.

Right now, he told me that he’s going to be with me forever. He has gone against the orders of his superiors. He will never leave me until I break my curse. And I will only break my curse when the world has reached it’s limit and is in brink of destruction. Until then, I shall die and be reincarnated repeatedly.

That reaper, said that he found me when I tried to kill myself. That’s why he appeared in my dreams after that happening. He, is now taking care of me and calms me Whenever everyone when I get scared or panic when everyone stares at me. He’s also there to cheer me up and stop me when I start thinking of killing myself. He scolds me when I start talking about what would my death be like this time and tells me to think of living instead.

Are you talking about Rasputin?