Passenger planes are disease ridden, virus cabins


My folks had a long flight like 3 days ago. I saw them soon after. Now today icanbarely lift my head off the pillow.

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Economy is a beotch for long distance flights but you do them cause it’s cheap!

I’m 6’ 2" so it’s a drain just sitting let alone a long flight. Lot’s of people in a short space so it’s no surprise. No wonder you see the Japanese with masks on!

On the way home from the US I reckon I was in the air for 23 hours over a day and a bit more than a half. I was devastated and had a spare seat between me and a kiwi who I bribed off with food so I could get some sleep! Turns out they had a medical emergency and that spare seat got a passenger who was a friend of said kiwi.

So. Still got some much needed sleep and I’m thankful. Any flight is fun for me…until you go over 10hours…then it’s a world of hurt!



Hey mate you see England were doing better on the last test? Man I wish we had two dependable openers. Alistair Cooke retirement has hit England hard

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hey mate…yeah see Root got a ton! All is about the 50 over world cup later in the year over there! Windies showing some form. England top of the tree in rankings but have they peaked too soon? Have some friends putting money on The windies and Pakistan…you just never know with pakistan.

Over here it’s Warner and Smith back off the bans and they say they’ll go straight in! Our batting is substandard and we just beat up Sri Lanka…India served us a lesson…as too 50 overs it’s a crap shoot…It should be a lot of fun watching and you’ll be in the drivers seat…we’ll only see part games whilst we’re sleeping!



For some reason Pakistan bowl really well on English pitches. Serious pace and swing.



Do you think they were fake tears in the smith press conference a year ago.

I felt really sorry for the young guy with the sand paper. He is was just a kid


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