Passed 2 subjects today

just passed 2 subjects today :smiley:

i am now a bona fida first aider and i also totally aced a presentation i made today about crying, it was a last minute thing that i pulled together and it was amazing, feel good about it, i dont even care about the weather today because it was so good :slight_smile:


You ACED your presentation on crying??

That’s Awesome!!!


how you doing patrick? :blush:

Excellent my friend…

Congrats on your accomplishments!

I’ve picked up an extra hour of work each shift which translates into an extra $500 per month. My wife is pleased as am I. :wink:

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that is also amazing patrick :blush: well done

:+1: good for you :trophy:

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Yeah, I make about $26.00 an hour, so even that one extra hour per day adds up to around 500 bucks per month on my paycheque. I have a specified job with the Federal Government here in Canada.

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wow, thats a lot of money :blush:

are you a spy?

Not quite a spy, but let me just put it this way…

I know if fellow Canadian @velociraptor stands or sits when he pees!!

lol! :wink:

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hahaha you got me curious now :confused: i use to think spies were bad but if they are like you then that is cool :wink:

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Tell me a bit about your presentation on ‘crying’…what was it about and how did it go?

well it was a slide on a powerpoint i made it up in about an hour and then i got up after a few did theirs in front of the whole class and i spoke about how crying is a relief to us when our emotions and feeling get so intense, i also spoke about how babies cry to get attention when they need things like food and love, the i did a little man vs woman crying type thing talking about how men are taught to hold in our feelings and not cry because it is seen as a sign of weakness and women are good at showing more emotions etc.

yeah was really good and everybody seemed to like it, i didnt do research or anything though because i already knew about it, not everybody thinks of these things though, i forgot to ask if anyone had questions after it though but there were a lot of questions and it kind of started i little debate :slight_smile:

thats intel btw lol

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I’m glad it’s working out for you. Congratulations.


Congratulations @asgoodasitgets and @Patrick :smile:

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