Partner's uncle has a request

My partner’s uncle that is currently living with us is getting his family’s house ready asked me to teach his daughter who really wants a ball python about snakes and look for one for her on reptile classifieds. I found one close by that is female for 80 which is a good price for a female.

He did say he doesn’t care what his girlfriend says their daughter is getting a snake. He also said he doesn’t want his sons to get a bearded dragon because they aren’t responsible. He saw how they fought over kaisei and kaisei didn’t respond in,a negative way he was calm cool and collected the whole time.


Ballies are cool. $80 for a female. That is cheap. But what’s the catch?

I dont know, she looks good in the pics the guy sent me. She doesn’t come with any supplies though

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It’s just what little I know about herping. I’d expect a triple digit at least. Something feels off. Idk. :slight_smile:

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The only thing so far that is off is they tried to breed her and none of the eggs hatched or were viable. Meaning dud eggs.

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I guess that’s not horrible in itself. But I still sorta wonder.


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