Partner's little sister

My partner’s little sister and my niece’s have been trying to teach me to paint watercolor. I made one for my partner, one for my mother in law(she didn’t like it) and one for me.


I like your watercolor painting – it has a pretty color palette.

I’m pretty sure that asshats are incapable of appreciating art—something about the asshat gene makes it impossible. :grimacing:


I love your sense of color.

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It’s very nice! I like simplistic paintings like this. :slight_smile: It’s terrible your MIL didn’t like one of your paintings. I think that’s rude of her to express it when you’re just learning.

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I love it 151515

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Yeah I figured it as much. It was fun to paint. I’m not as good as my brother in law his paintings are awesome so are my partner’s little sister’s and one of my nieces. The niece laughed and complimented the frog painting and she wasn’t being mean.

@chordy the next one I want to do is a sea turtle. I’ll post it when I finish it.

My partner’s little sister has been trying to teach me. She said she notices I’m anxious in the drawing out stage but seem in the zone when painting. She gave me some paper and wants me to start getting paint and brushes so I can do it when she isn’t home

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How old is she? She sounds like a nice kid.

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Looks like my support group at NAMI.

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Very nice @cbbrown!
I like it very much!

Painting is a good way to relax and express yourself!

(Your Mother in law has no taste)

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She is 11 going on 12 in September. I’ve known her since she was 4. Thing is I kinda feel bad she’s only known me with a mental illness never when I wasnt sick

Well, don’t apologize. She knows you for who you are with her.

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You are getting there, sooner or later you will be able to make one of the best watercolor artwork.

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She wants me to get in the pool with her tomorrow or Sunday. I worry because the ladder is wobbly. She says she can hold it for me she and my niece.

@justann yeah she said that too she wants me to keep practicing. I think her’s are a lot better than mine. Her dad and stepmom (my brother in law and his wife, my partner’s little sister is really my mother in law’s granddaughter) paid for private lessons for all the kids.

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Cbb nice art…!!!

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