Partner put apps on my phone


My partner put a calorie counter and a step counter on my phone. Said she’s worried about my weight and wants me to take better care of myself. I walked 1.9 miles today with the kids to the park and then the gas station to get drinks. I didn’t play with them much today they mostly played basketball


Is it okay to walk that far on your ankle?


I’m glad you did something healthy. I’m sure it felt good. Is your partner caring or judgemental about it? How do you feel about your weight, health, and overall being?


It hurts a lot right now but doctor was encouraging exercise. I don’t think he meant to that extreme.


She wasn’t judgemental about I know I need to lose weight for my partner her goal is to get me to not need the cpap machine. She wants me to be able to sleep comfortably again. When I would stop breathing in my sleep she would panic


My husband has sleep apnea. It can be scary sometimes.