Partial program moans

Because I’ve been suicidal my Pdoc has put me in a partial hoitalization program. Basically we are there for six hours of group therapy and go home at 3. I’m not getting anything out of the groups.pretty much the highlight is my five minute talk to a very cool pdoc. I talked to my therapist who encourage me to stick with it. It’s a voluntary program what do you say?

I went to PHP (we just called it “partial” for short) at the hospital I was held in when I was a teenager. As a kid, I loved it. I didn’t have to go to school, and got to hang out with all of my hospital buddies.

I then went again as an adult. I lasted one day. The paranoia was too much to bear, and sitting in on the groups caused the voices to go frantic, and I melted down. It’s a good concept, and seems to work well for those not symptomatic or psychotic. Being out of touch really ruined it for me.

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