Partial hospitalization starts tomorrow at 7:00am

Well I heard from the hospital I start tomorrow . The nurse said it takes about two weeks.they provide transportation which is good because I don’t drive. Nervous.


Good luck. It’s natural to be nervous about anything new. But in any of these PHP or IOP programs the people are very supportive always.

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Good luck, I’ve had to do that before and it definitely helped me.

Good luck orange, it’ll be good for you.

Good for you @orange

I figure we’re around the same age, so if you ever just wanna kick back and ‘shoot the breeze’ with me, I’m all ears! :wink:

I used to be able to drive, but like you I opted not too as well. As long as others are providing transportation - why should I drive anyway? Besides that, there are legit fears I have of having slower reaction times because I am constantly trying to cope with visual hallucinations.

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I am happy for you. I hope it goes well! Keep us updated.

I hope all goes well.

Today was the first day of partial hospital. Spent the morning filling out paperwork. The doctor I am assigned to is a former colleague of my pdoc. She said she was going to talk to him before changing my meds so she will see me tomorrow . Had two group sessions in the afternoon. First group was supposed to be talking about anger, ended up talking about picking up people in the bar. Group leader was useless. Second group talked about how medication is only thirty percent of healing. Much better talk but I was not really feeling like joining in. Talk about ackward, one of the people also in the program was one of my former patients!

Oh my! Did he say hello?

I’m sorry the first group was so useless. I hope things pick up. It’s only the first day.

Her exact words to me, “Dr. -, oh my god, you mean you’re f-ed up too?”

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I think I would find it comforting to know that someone I know completed medical school while combating a serious mental illness. It gives hope to everyone else.

Second day went alright. Only 10 of the 35 showed up for the Friday session. It’s hard for me to sit back and. Ot say anything about the mistakes they make in conducting groups. The one has absolutely no control of her group sessions. The food is just horrible! This Friday was spaghetti day, the noodles were crunchy and the sauce was flavorless. My doctor there still had not talked to my regular pdoc. So she is having me take an additional half in the morning along with the whole I take at night. She said she’s more worried about the hallucinations than the depression.

The van came to get me at 7:00 for almost six months in 1997. We sat around in the waiting room at the psych hospital for 40 minutes before the first sessions began.

I was wild-eyed, terrified and shaking like I was in the arctic with only a tee shirt on all the time. We did skills groups and general group discussion. We had a nutrition break at 10 or so, and lunch at 12:30. Two more groups then back home in the van by about 3:30.

Slowly, very slowly, I got well enough to drop down to four, then three, then two days a week. And when they cut me loose, I was able to navigate again on my own for a few more years. (They still hadn’t gotten my meds “right” yet.)

How do you feel about the medication change? Does it seem to be helping? I think it is weird that they aren’t worried about the depression, when he whole reason you’re there is because of a suicide attempt. It is okay to be your own advocate when they say dumb things about your treatment plan.