Paris Terrorist Attack

I think the best way to deal with terrorism is to bring things back to normal as quickly as you can. I hope by tomorrow that every restaurant, and tourist spot in Paris with the exception of the places where hostage crisis are ongoing are open tomorrow and life is going on the same as usual. The reason I say this is because I believe that there will no more incidents in the near term and bringing things back to normal quickly will show the terrorists that they can’t disrupt our lives for a long time and we are not afraid to go on living in spite of them. The war against ISIS is ongoing and a new group will likely replace them if and when they are destroyed. Terrorism is now a part of life and we need to simply clean up and not be terrorized by it.


Let Isis set up their own Village, Town, Country or whatever they want to call it…get them all in one place…and then drop a nuclear bomb on those cavemen savages.


Jesus…it is complete chaos in Paris…They closed the borders…
So much innocent victims. And horrible damage to all normal Muslims around the world.

I can’t sleep now, too upset.


They attacked one of my favorite bands! That really makes it close to home for me. I hope they are okay. There have been conflicting reports, but the singer’s mom said they were safe.

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i was doing research on how these murderers are getting their weapons. the ones selling weapons across the world should also be held accountable. from my research isis ( and i dont regard “islamic state” as an appropriate title, being too prejudice of the whole religion) has stolen much of their arms from China, Russia, and The US.

it may be problematic but i want the mass production of weaponry to cease!
there are too many blood lusting fools in this world. and mass production of weaponry should cease.


Terrorism is so self defeating for the Muslims. It virtually guarantees public opinion will remain strongly against them in the West. This business of the honor killings of women is awful too. I sure would like to see Islam go back to when it was intellectual and brilliant, like back in the middle ages. This Muslim fundamentalism is too much.


i wont argue the possibility… it could be the gun companies rallying for sales also… i would not be surprised at the sociopathic elitists of the world. many of the politicians should be jailed for allowing corporate immoral degradation.

perhaps we need more warmth now

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France has had enough terror attacks now.
I hate ISIS. I wish I could kill them all. I wouldn’t hesitate one second if I actually could.
Have they found out if ISIS is behind this yet?

ISIS said they did it already.

I agree with you, this is starting to look like ww3

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I slept very well last night. I had not watched any news, but heard about the Paris event from another person later. I have been in Paris few times, back in 1988 I was there and then armed personnel guarded a department store where there was a fashion show. I do not know what the future will be. I think that we will be ok.

Hollande called it an act of war…

Good summary on latest events so far.

“The fear will dominate Europe.Uncertainty will prevail in the world. The diversity that we were able to enrich, will turn into insurmountable obstacles in the relations of peoples and nations.Doomsday scenario?
Not necessarily, if the West face the truth about himself and his policies of failure. The chances of that are very small, but they are not yet excluded. Let’s hope at least they are not. We believe that the occasional light stays on in Europe.”


But I’m not certain are we allowed to discuss those things here …

I am glad I live in Northern Europe and those terrorist suckers do not target us here in North. I am sad today, but the life must go on. Maybe one day I visit Paris again. I remember my first Paris visit very well, then some terrorist suckers from Northern Africa targeted Paris and there were armed personnel guarding all places such as department stores where I saw my first fashion show in 1988.

ISIS said the next targets will be London, Rome and Washington

I agree that you guys there are the most stable countries now…but seems like no one is safe from now on.
As it says in article, it will only allow arising of extreme right fundamentalism and further dividing between people.

I agree. It rises xenophoby and nationalism, all I see on my facebook feed is racist comments and people calling out on racist comments. It has been like that since the first attacks.


ISIS wants to pour gasoline on the fire. They are making things worse for muslims all around the world. They do not give a ■■■■ about muslim lives, they just want their virgins in the afterlife. We need to stop supporting evil dictators and brutal regimes, stop selling weapons to almost anyone who has the money to buy them and stop exploiting poor countries economically. But ISIS members deserve no mercy.

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This is a very important point.

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