Parents have put a block on my phone number

Following a recent relapse the doc put me on high dose clonazepam. This med really hit me for six. Literally can’t remember the last two weeks. Apparently I was phone home often, nothing aggressive just wanting some comforting.

Anyway found out yesterday they had bought a fancy phone that can block calls - mine.

Haven’t quite figured out how to feel about this. For sure I need more independence but blocking communication seems a bit extreme.

Any thoughts?

Clonazepam has a very profound effect on memory in the initial few weeks of treatment. It’s very common for users to lose track of days and have complete lack of recall of events.

Is it possible that you did or said something in your impaired state that necessitated your parents cutting contact? You might not even remember.

It seems very extreme to cut contact with an ill family member. There might be something just under the surface that bothered your parents.

Try not to let this devastate you. Just keep on working to get better and hope that they come around. I certainly wouldn’t push for communication with them right now.




Phone that can block calls normally can block short message, too.
Are you sure your parents want to do this to you? I can’t seem to imagine a loving parents would do this to their child. Are you staying in hospital ward, or nursing home? Perhaps next time when you are in need, you can try to borrow the premise’s fixed line phone to call back home.

I don’t know what to say. It’s pretty…rude. But at the same time, they might need time to regain streangth. And your extreme?? calling made them stressed? I have not been in this situation. I have never blocked calls, but I have chosen to not pick up the phone some times.

When my son wasn’t living with me there where times that I stopped answering the phone. It wasn’t that I didn’t care. He would call over and over saying the same things over and over. I could not help. Nothing I said helped. Due to his unstable state he was not always very nice… This may be a temporary measure for them as sometimes parents get overwhelmed.