Parents have had the most dysfunction careers

can anyone relate?101010

Not complaining. I was supported

I gotta interact with girls more efficiently. I have to read them better and know when not to prematurely leave

Delete this thread so I can make a new one, thanks

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My parents do alright. They should pay the teachers more though

teachers make a lot of money over here. my mom was a nurse, dad a shoemaker/designer he had his own brand.

They dont make ■■■■ in the states

oh that’s just sad. My friend works at the school as a secretary and sees the payroll. I know one teacher makes 45$ an hour which is like a senior position in corporate.

christ. that’s cool. america is ■■■■■■.

These are the most responsible hardest working adults that have no time for themselves and they only make about 40k

No offense to teachers but learning is something anyone can do themselves with a internet connection