Parents demanding failure from their children

Let’s get the cards on the table. What secret shame is keeping parents from allowing success even for their children? I noticed that my parents could not accept compliments about their children. Their destructive self hate spilled over into the lives of their offspring.

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You’re not describing our household. Princess Pixel is doing well at school, at work, and socially. She also knows she’s loved.


I’m well aware I’m not talking about everybody except that I did well, too, until I left home.

At a higher level there is mental/physical and sexual abuse. At a lower level there is the situation where your parents show little concern when something like your academic performance gradually declines .

Looking back now my parents did the best they could and I love them for it. My daughter knows she is loved but already likes me, likes to do her own thing at 2 1/2 yrs old lol. You are right though, when I’m feeling depressed or antisocial and don’t want to go out, she will suffer and miss out.
I didn’t used to see what was so hard about spending time with your kids until I had kids. You truly have to put all your problems and stresses on the back burner or block them out and enjoy the moments you may never get again. It’s not easy as it looks to be even a decent parent.

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