Parenting with Mental Illness

Wow! That’s so cool you have history from back then!

I will PM you privately with some stuff that may make you feel better, but, publically… I’d say the biggest thing to be aware of is that this disease will mute the positives and amplify the negatives. ALWAYS always always keep quiet for that first ten seconds after you have the urge to say something to your child/children and run it through your filters a second time. Whenever possible, you want to adhere to the THINK model:


I find that – quite often – the first thing that wants to come out of my mouth is not any of the above and is hurtful, not helpful. A quarter century in and after tonnes of CBT and therapy, this stupid illness will still try to twist my thinking towards the negative. So, whenever possible, I spot check what I’m saying and make sure that it isn’t the illness speaking to my kid.

Hope that helps.


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