Parenting..meh.. meh

Is there any of you having kids?

Here’s funny stuff:

There is several balloons in my kid’s room left after his birthday, which was like two weeks ago. Today I just grabbed two of them to pierce it so there would be less balloons around and people could walk freely.
And evil mother- which is me-
pierced the blue and the red one. My 4yr old saw that from the dinner table were he was sitting and started desperately crying.
“Why did you pierce my balloons?”
“Why are you crying over balloons?”
“Because they were so little…”. O.o

So…believe it or not, I had to explained him that all the broken little balloons go to the Ballons Happy place where they live together…forever. :balloon:

I’m not sure if this was normal…lol


I have a son I popped some of his balloons and he did the same thing.

It’s odd… my nephew is very possessive and guards his balloons…

my niece revels in popping them…

My niece is younger then my nephew… but much more emotionally tougher.

When the family cat died… my nephew cried for days and days…

My niece said… it’s sad… but the cat was old and sick… and now it’s time for a new healthy cat.


How old is your son?

@SurprisedJ… Yes, children personalities are different. My kid doesn’t fight, swear, argue with others. Will that amount of sensitivity bring him any good? Hardly.

He is 7 now but it happened when he was 5

Been there, done that. My daughter turned 14 last week. I nicely took down all of the balloons and shoved them into her bedroom to let her deal with them. Age doesn’t matter – their balloons are THEIR BALLOONS.



My daughter’s 10. I pop the hell out of her balloons to get them out of my way. She’s past the crying phase and into the pre-teen “I hate you for popping my balloons” phase.

Oh, well.


Seems like he is not the one that needs to be talked to.
Boy I have to learn so much :imp:

The difference between 4 and 14? Same tantrum, but with hormones. Best just to give them what they want and retreat to a safe distance.



That sounds like a much better strategy than performing a God’s will. Which my parents did with me. And their parents with them…

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