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So my step purposely broke baby humans sunglasses……

What do I do for punishment? I feel like I can’t just let it go, right?

I told my mom I should break something of his. Maybe that’s too harsh tho?

I have no idea what to do… help!

I could ground him but he leaves to his moms Saturday and I think he should be grounded for longer than 4 days….

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eye for an eye is no good education imo… Do they earn some pay? Force him to pay for a new one.
Maybe doing the laundry, mowing the lawn or something like that…

He doesn’t do any chores or earn money…


I could make him do some work though, just not sure what honestly

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Look for some chores, way better that breaking his stuff…

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IMO not a parent. But have a calm discussion without yelling. Why and how it happened?
How it makes you feel. If it was out of bad behavior, discuss how he needs to replace it with his own money or earned money doing a chore.

I’m not a parent but good luck.

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Well, I know how it happened…. He did it while my mom was filling up gas yesterday and he was sitting in the car bored :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the opinion. I am not a very calm person lol so I need some clarity.

I will probably take something of his away and make him do chores for a certain amount of time. (He isn’t very good at following through on chores so if I take something away he will have incentive to get it back)


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I would explain to him, that they need to be replaced. And that you can appoint a number of chores depending on his age, to pay you back. That’s what we do, if it’s deliberate.

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Breaking a child’s things in revenge teaches a valuable lesson.

That the adult isn’t very adult-like or trustworthy.

Kids do stupid things. Sometimes mean things. You deal with it by showing a good example and talking to them. Maybe make him do paid chores to “buy” new sunglasses.


I’m not gonna break something of his @ZombieMombie

Anymore lol I’ve calmed down a decent bit.

Teaching a lesson is totally the wrong thing. You don’t want to be parenting this situation. First you need to make sure he doesn’t hate the baby. Everybody needs to be safe and everybody needs to get along and everybody needs comfort in their home. If he’s jealous then your lesson will miss the target by a kilometer.

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So basically just ask him why he did it?

He most likely won’t tell you if he does.

Do you let him help with the baby? Is he involved in care at all?

Not really involved in taking care of, I mean he interacts with her, like playing and he’s gotten her out of the crib for me when I didn’t hear she was awake.

Maybe ask him to do more, let him help. IF he wants. That can help bonding.


You could let him choose a new pair of glasses for the baby, but also one for himself.

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Why did you not update us on what you did? Did you do the lazy thing?

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So I asked him why he broke baby humans sunglasses. His response was basically “well I took apart mine first and put them back together, so I took hers apart next thinking I could put them back together too and your mom was taking forever in the gas station”


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