Parental warnings requested

I’ve been doing that too, but if there’s text in the thread title that is blanks, curiosity kills the cat even with me.
I avoid more than I respond anymore, it’s discouraging.

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Fabrication fantasy and parents saying you’re weird

You should have been able to tell that the thread contained “adult” subject matter since the title contained a word blocked by the forum.

Look… I said this to Chew in private… If I say things that are inappropriate, I apologize. I’m going through a very, very big med change right now and I’m bordering on both hypomanic and psychotic at the same time. I’m trying very hard right now to just hang on and get through this without losing my ■■■■ completely. The hypomanic side of me tends to get out of hand and I’m really trying to contain that right now.

As for the “Did Invega Shrink my whatever” thread, it was appropriate because it’s a legitimate side effect of the medicine. More than one other user has replied to that thread saying the same thing happened to them. It’s not just me, it’s just that I had the balls to bring it up.

You need to grow up and stop being so butthurt by things that have nothing to do with you.

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Jesus baby nothing

I showed my boobs for crying out sake

And to everyone else: I’m very thankful for the show of support from so many of you!


I don’t think you can prove scientifically that anyone has sz as I have yet to take some sort of test that backs up any hallucinations or delusions…I had hallucinations vivid enough to make me fear for my life and those around me in grade school…I don’t know what you want…a cookie…cookies all around…


No way I’m believing that

We don’t even have sense of self til age 18

Self actualization is a mazlows need

It doesn’t happen til near adulthood

@NiceHat, @Sooner88 was talking about a legitimate side effect, not gay sex.

Would you have been less offended if he didn’t mention he was gay?

You get offended by a lot here.


I kind of understand your situation. like if I saw a thread title “X medicine made my breasts smaller” and the OP was a female, then I probably wouldn’t touch that thread even with a 10-foot pole.

however, if a dude responded to the hypothetical thread, then I would probably just visit that thread to see what the guy said.

kids? one step at a time, Daze. at least ask me out first. :wink: (you know your response showed up as a direct reply to this post, instead of a direct response to the thread, right… :confused: )

Just worry about your own kids and do your duty

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Sense of self develops at around age 7-9. I really wish it was true that kids couldn’t develop psychotic disorders. It would make a lot of people much better off. But the science shows that they can.

According to the forum Terms of Service, "The Website is available only to individuals who are at least 13 years old."
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Oh OK kids living on their own

And deciding tender they’re F-ucked up

Sounds like great parenting there

Yes, getting help for children in need is great parenting. I agree.


Maybe we should all agree to just drop the subject eh? I don’t like all the fighting.

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Ridulous you know nothing about sz

Daze, what’s wrong today? You seem agitated.

I’m one of the few parents on here, and when my children were age 13-18, I used to work at keeping them away from sexually explicit material, especially butt sex discussions online. I’m guessing szadmin is also a parent.

The population of users on here are mostly single, younger than me, and living at home with parents, outside of a handful of people like myself.

@NiceHat I never mentioned “butt sex”. At least I don’t THINK I did. I may have missed something.