Parental warnings requested

I am a parent. People are posting very explicit content. As a parent of teens, even tho they are young adults now, I think this website owes its readers a parental control warning.

I know I would have skipped the tiny ■■■■■, gay sex thread if I’d been warned to stay out of it for example.

I don’t find conversations regarding that topic appropriate for teens, especially if they are here to learn about Sz, and it discourages everyone from taking their meds as prescribed. We don’t know if any of that story is even true. No scientific research ever presented. But it’s worth an R-rating or better for sure.


I understand this. But I also have to remind that people here don’t make up the content - this is how they really have experienced. One option would be adding an icon that tells if it’s content needs to be “Parental Advisory”. Anyway, this site even isn’t the worst - and this site was made to people with a diagnose more than to people without one. This site is moderated and that’s how almost all the forums work.


Unless you kept them in a bell jar, I’m sure that your teens have heard for a gay sex so far… :smile:


Right. But it is ok to cover explicit sexual behavior, ask a moderator. So a parent should be warned so that they can block the forum from the home like they block other explicit inappropriate material.

Which thread are you talking about @NiceHat?

There’s lots of ways to get something done to avoid explict stuff, but because nobody can’t tell that what people post or what kind of pics they upload, then this gets very hard. But yeah, I’ve barely never seen that much that kind of discussions/content here so far.

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Just skip it…or flag it whatever…


I would recommend flagging posts that violate forum guidelines. That way the mods can review the post in question and make a determination.

Here is a link to the forum guidelines:

Please Read - Intro to General Sz / Psychosis Forum

Here is a link to the forum FAQ:

It was perfectly appropriate as it related to medication side effects, and was put in the correct forum section. And I haven’t seen any threads about gay sex on here. Not sure what you’re talking about.

And I thought this forum was for adults anyway.


Keep your kids off it.

We don’t get ill til our twenties anyway

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Your comment that you don’t like women, and men like a large ■■■■■, and yours is now shorter has bothered me since you posted it yesterday.
I use the forum to discuss Sz related topics.

But there have been teens on here, I recall somebody advising one to go talk to the school nurse or counselor and how to convince the parents to take them to a doctor.


Unless they’re messed up on drugs

I was Ill as a kid I didn’t even know what drugs were…I don’t think there’s any kids here though…maybe young adults…also lol at being upset at a comment then bringing it up again in all its glory…don’t forget the mention of buttsex…now your threads just as dirty as that one…are you gonna flag yourself…lol


It is reasonable that members want to talk about issues related to the sexual side effects of their medicines. If the straight people on the forum can talk about their sexual issues, gay people should be able to also.

There are a few kids on here as young as 14, but I think it’s safe to say they know about sex already. They’re smart, mature teenagers, not toddlers.

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Every frigging kid thinks they’re ill

no scientific proof


usually I can tell if a thread is going to be awkward by reading the thread’s title. moreover, I can usually tell if a post will be awkward, even within a safe thread, by noting the poster. I’ve been avoiding a lot of triggers and fights, this way.

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The average age of brain growth totally is 19 or 20

Stop pushing meds on kids

Daze, early onset schizophrenia is a real, documented disease that usually shows up in kids who have been traumatized in some way. Although, some kids just start developing symptoms with no clear trigger. I started hearing voices at fourteen, and I did not do drugs or drink.