Parent refusing to accept my disability

Hi guys I’m having issues with my mother/career…
I’m diagnosed with multiple sclerosis I have weakness In my right leg and hands I have Cognitive dysfunction… bladder problems and a bunch of other issues due to ms.
Mentally I have been diagnosed schizophrenic. I have dissociative disorder, ptsd, hyper arousal and something I just can’t remember.

As you can imagine working for me would be impossible. I can’t even go to the shops by myself and without hearing people’s horrible thoughts about me and the voices telling me to steal money (I don’t btw).

So mum helped me with starting on the dsp. The form sat in her kitchen for 18 months and she wouldn’t do anything about it or let me do it. I eventually recently pushed to get the dsp form done. And She’s been mad at me ever since… she’s decided that I need to be a lot more independent now so she’s constantly pushing for me to do things beyond what I can do. Constantly snapping at me for not clicking on that I need to do a job. And in general she’s trying to make me be normal.

Is this a part of the acceptance phase??? Or does she just hate me now…


She might not understand. She can’t see schizophrenia so she assumes that if you look OK and act OK most of the time then you are capable of living a normal life. A heart to heart talk about your symptoms and how schizophrenia affects you might be helpful and clear the air.

When professionals talk about “acceptance” it is usually in regard to the sufferer.

Maybe she needs to read some online articles to get an idea of what schizophrenia is about. There’s lots of information out there, although unfortunately, a lot is still not known about schizophrenia.

Uh, I seriously doubt she hates you. Your family may have been blindsided with your diagnosis but if they loved you before you became schizophrenic they will probably like you still after your diagnosis. It’s just that having a family member diagnosed with schizophrenia is a lot to take in.

You have to remember, at the end of the day you are both on the same side and she probably wants the best for you because you are her child.


You are in the EXACTLY same situation as me, but just different dx.

I have muscular dystrophy. My parents deny that I have this. So I’ve been fighting my MD all alone. I cry about my MD but I have to cry about it by myself. Since my parents are adamant that I will be cured, my communication has been just like…hitting a wall right now.

I feel your pain. Also having a chronic illness is hard, and sz on top of that is horrendous. I feel that it has a bad impact on how I interpret my disease.


@GeekGirl I’m on the same par with my dad.

I think it just has something to do with same sex relationships.

My dad does the same thing to me.

Dont worry, nothing bad will come of it.

It’s like asking someone that gets C’s on their tests to get an A. Once they get an A, what’s next?

No matter what you do, they’ll always come up with something to push you for …

Hope this helps.

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My mom does the same thing with giving me tasks thinking it will make me more independent. Some people come to accept more. My mom has grown more understanding. She still holds discontent for my mentally ill friends and my low paying job… I’d say for some people it’s a phase and for others, they never get out of denial.

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My mum does not accept my diagnosis of schizophrenia.

She thinks I have Aspergers and nothing else despite me telling her of symptoms I’ve had etc

And despite that over seven psychiatrists have diagnosed me as schizophrenic.

I feel she sometimes has expected to much from me.
More than I can do.

She is in denial and refuses to accept it.

I have done things against my will sometimes just because she told me to just to keep the peace.

When I applied for pension first time she would not let me write schizophrenia and they rejected til I applied again as a schizophrenic.

She made me leave my disability employment agency because they had links to my dr who had diagnosed me schizophrenic and she wanted me registered as Aspergers instead.

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My dad is the same way. He was always pushing me to get a job when I was actively psychotic. (I finally got a 16 hour per week job I love). He bugs me about mowing grass every WEEK when it really only needs to be done once a month. No one in my family understands the depression and lack of motivation we have with schizophrenia. They think we just need to “makes ourselves do X” (like getting out of bed). It’s not that simple. It’s not laziness like most think. It’s literal brain damage. With my new medicine I feel more liking doing things.

I doubt your mother hates you. She just doesn’t understand what having psychosis is like. As parents we want what is best for our children, we hate when they are not doing well. A phrase I hate is when my mother says “you just have to make yourself do it”. You could try to explain it. But she still may not get it. Explaining psychosis to a “normal” person is like explaining color to a person who has been blind all their life.

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