Pardon me women

What’s the difference between feeling feelings and hearing voices… Is there a difference?
As I’m a man (with his stone-age) interpretation… I don’t know what what is, and/or the difference…

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Feeling feelings, do u mean tactile hallucinations???

No, I mean the difference between two individuals (emotional) attraction and hearing actual voices. Is it considered the same when having schizophrenia?

What I can tell, there’s a difference. (When a woman/man is emotionally involved in a relationship, it’s different than hearing actual voices, no?)


When I hear voices, I do so with my ears. It’s no different than somebody speaking to me. When I have romantic emotions, I feel like my stomach did a cartwheel.

I suppose the things your voices say could cause you to react emotionally.

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Tricky ain’t it… What’s real and what’s fantasy…?

It is tricky yea cos it feels so real. I fancied my main voice and it was mad cos he could hear everything I was thinking so I got freaked out. N I felt so self conscious with doing stuff cos he was in my bloody head.

Where did you drew a line?

I never really drew one. I basically did everything he told me to do. The guy actually exists in real life in America and the plan was that I go there and live with him. The voice in my head of him was wat I believed at the time to be his spirit

I heard a voice propose to me. It was pure fantasy as I found out when I tried to relate to him.

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Same here, at least sorta I guess… But I after I made a mistake once, I never believed in the voices in my head. I do however believe the feeling what’s coming straight from my heart… At least, in my primitive (man) mind it’s where women speak their truth… Dunno (actually)…

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What happened next if I may ask…? You can PM me private if you want to keep it private…

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A good business relationship.

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Business as in business… or are we talking something else?

(just double checking :smiley: )

Business as in business. My fantasy was a bit of a lack of discipline on my part.

haha OK, so, I guess it was kind of mutual? Just not in the way your voices told you and/or believe you so?

I was thinking positive to a point of ridiculousness.

I guess you’re a women… since you build up some sort of relationship… Do you think you were really of off what you thought (what the voices told you)?

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