Parasites be like,,, parasites

It’s taken care of @Raelyn_Fenn . You see any things like that then flag. We will deal with it. It’s been dealt with so keep cool. It’s not you.

I’ve got no interest in haters, TO BE HONEST

Thanks I will try to keep calm.

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I can’t thrive in a place of hate.

This a site for healing and support. We do have people who don’t do that and we deal with them appropriately. You should still feel safe in posting here and that is what we try to achieve.

I’m sorry you dealt with that. I can’t take that back but I can assure you that everyone here is accorded the same respect that we as mods believe should be as individuals.

It’s not cool but being civil and supportive is the basic tenets of our site.


Bulliies are PATHETIC

They will NEVER get my sympathy.

Yeah, i was going to say i hate haters but that would make me a hater too :frowning:

I try and be civil and supportive, just some people dont like what i say sometimes,

I guess the only way to deal with it is ignore it, i might even pray for them to not hate and embrace the good in this life,

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I just don’t like them yea. How am I meant to like bullies.

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its not for me to say, if you react hate with hate then you become the very thing you despise, there is another way

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I don’t hate them… Sorry that was just anger speaking but not what I meant… I just don’t like them…
I don’t know how to like people who target

Yea, maybe I should forgive them,

I may forgive, but that doesn’t equal trust


Amen. I agree whole heartedly.

i think you waste more energy being a negative person than being a positive person, that’s why i don’t understand why people be mean all the time.