Parasite ridden earth

Call on the great one and his aid and training now and rid yourselves of them.

Make it so.

Block them and give them the same back with all of their help, gifts and training, you will all become strong while they go feast on themselves and ■■■■■■■ die as they should in the same way they have done to others in everyway.

The great one and his will make you all masters of all, you will be undefeatable in everyway every last one and when it is finished you can finally live in happiness again without them all.

Call them from above. Everyone. Only they will not call them and they do not want you to call so you can be well without them.

Go away and set the planet free again.

We will all live without you one way or the other you weak mindless bitches.

With all of you having the mastery of all skills, even ones outside of our realm in a good way and beneficial for all way you will be well again.

Become as you should all be without them finally.