how far does parapraxis go??

Like I was with my lady friend at the cigar shop the other day and we were buying cigars and she said something like “I don’t need one that big”…and I felt there was some sexual connotation there…sorry if this post bothers anybody. But she looked at my reaction immediately after she said it. Maybe it was an unconscious reference to ■■■■■ size…was this parapraxis??? Or something else? I used to think this is called a euphemism but I was alerted lately this is a “Freudian slip” or “parapraxis”… more like it. And euphemisms are something different than this. You tell me, Was this parapraxis? Or just a “sexual connotation” or maybe neither and I’m looking into it too much :laughing:

Lol why is the word penis) censored


idk vagina isn’t though! lol

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Dick is the name of my grandpa, atleast his name isn’t censored

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Was she referring to length or girth?


Everyone knows big dicks are overrated,

She probably meant it to be a playful flirt, and a deniable dick joke,

Don’t read to far into it.

Not saying that she’s not into you,

Just saying women flirt.

Be cool,

I’m sure you’ll find out her intentions soon enough.

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I’m familiar with the term,

But I do my level best to avoid talking about Freud.

Sorry about what happened when you were a kid,

At that age, everyone’s a jerk.

No one takes it seriously because you’re so young,

But that’s where the little seeds of doubt and insecurity get planted.

I’m happy you’re working with a therapist.

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Yup yup and Keith Flinn is the one who had the nerve to call me up after I was terrorized when kids broken into my house during an LSD trip and on the phone he said two words to me “your ego” and I said “I know!!!” And then I became obsessed with suppressing and living void of my ego for 6 years before I figured it out somewhat and don’t obsess with it anymore. I think both times he “killed my ego” was based on his OWN insecurities and issues. Taking them out on me. I learned to forgive him now with my Therapist. His parents chronic alcoholics/bad home life. That’s what my therapist tries to teach me.

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