Paranoid Schizophrenia

I do not have paranoid schizophrenia, but paranoia is a fairly common symptom of any chemical imbalance. It is due to an eruption of stress/dopamine and cortisol due to being a sign that something is off balance. So if you had a brain virus or an infection, then the chemicals would be all over the place like in the book “Brain on Fire” which is an example.

Paranoia can also be a symptom of PTSD, drug withdrawal, psychedelics, or a bad addiction to dangerous substances. Paranoia is a symptom which does not simply vanish. Paranoia can be cured often for people with psychological disorders, PTSD, and even in many ways with Bipolar disorder and the Schizophrenias.

Addiction: Addiction is a psychological disorder and also a chemical disorder. A person who has an addictive personality is due to a genetic predisposition to need chemicals in order to affect the brain, and could be an evolutionary or hereditary adaptation. Chemicals can enhance the biological mechanisms of humans, but addictions cause a disconnection from human to its environment. This is why our current society is not in favor of drug abuse and we have rehabilitation, intervention, and policing in order to prevent this crime against oneself.

While addiction itself is not a crime per-se, it is damaging to ones self and environment just as polluting our planet with garbage is a crime. Smoking is not illegal in most places, but it is destructive to the planet. Yet, society must be allowed freedom to make its own choices therefore we can’t outlaw things just because they are toxic. We merely put safe guards and warnings against things that pollute and harm the human race.

Humans are not an endangered species, and yet our planet is in danger. The reason: humanity appears to be fragmented and splitting further apart. Cultural bubbles are about to burst, and social networking is not fail safe against lies nor tyranny.

Paranoia is therefore a symptom of society’s gradual decline from reason, and schizophrenia the consumer of a world split down the center.

Paranoid schizophrenia is not an eternal sigma, merely a stamp of the times. It is a man with one foot at the west and one foot at the east of the world. The core being what binds us, the being who expresses the schizophrenic hallucination, a prophet of past and futures, a simple human who is caught in the middle, being torn by opposition, external and internal opposites. We must make up our minds and choose one direction, one path. Sometimes we are forced to choose between right and wrong. Our right is our freedom to choose peace.

Letting go of opposites, we unite the polarities under the common element: human love and strength to outwit our oppressors, higher mind has no master other than his torch.

I do not even fear fear itself. The only thing I fear is being unable to differentiate between right and wrong in a world that is colorblind.

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Yeah, it’s called prison, and it up there in the top 5 profit making business who thrive on others misfortune.
The money is in the maintenance of addiction, not in the cure.
Same for cancer.