Paranoid schizophrenia in eight words

voices, threats, pills, chaos, people, paranoia, thoughts, environment

As we live in this chaotic environment we hear paranoid voices on the voices of other people and to counter this we have our antipsychotic meds/pills to be less threatened while avoiding any new paranoid thoughts.

37 words

I try to keep the environment simple and that helps. I only work with one woman in the lab for past 15 years.
Its a miracle she puts up with me, but she has learned to ignore me and my constant self talk to keep me on track.

‘paranoid schizophrenia’ is only two words.

Just kidding.

I would use three words. Fear, despair, comfort.

Fear of others, of myself, of what might happen to me or what I might do.

Despair, it feels like it will always be part of me, it will never fully go away.

Comfort, this is what I know. I prefer depression when I can’t feel it to when I can. Sometimes it is nice to feel like nothing is wrong, when a lot is wrong.

It however is eight syllables
Par-ah-noid schiz-oh-phren-ee-ah


Anxiety, voices, rejection, insecurity, scared, trapped, friendless.

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And oddly impulsive.

the mother of Lord trip of a lifetime


living by their own self invented belief system.

o words to describe?
O I can’t use mere human words to explain the cosmic disruptions sprinkled through my sordid life.

Follow the yellow brick road…bleh.

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“Follow the yellow brick road.”
That made me laugh but I find I have to follow the will of God for my life.

If I resist that and try to do what “I” want to do, I always screw up and fail.

God has a special plan for each of us, even if others think we are damaged goods.

your reading my thoughts, stop it you f---- !?!
take care

I do believe its 9 syllables, should be schi-za-pha-ren-ni-ah

I’ve never heard it be said that way

Hell what do I know, I might be wrong.