Paranoid :l

My voices have started to get worse again lately, ever since the incident with my neighbour…

They have asked me if I have started to see things yet…

So I’m scared that things are about to get worse for me.

I wondered if a hospital trip would maybe be a good idea. At the very least, I need to speak to my pdoc.

Just wondered how many of you experience visual hallucinations?


I have active visual hallucinations,

They never really go away.

Mostly benign, some scary, always unsettling.

Sorry you’re not feeling well,

If you’ve started to think you should go to the hospital,

You probs should.


I just feel like I don’t wanna let Oli down by going into hospital, as I wouldn’t be able to see him. Plus I don’t feel like I put on anyone by asking them to look after him! I will see how things go though


Oli’s a baby.

He needs a mother that is well and if it means going a few days without you,

I’m sure he’s okay with it.

See how things go like you said, but I’d go ahead a make a plan and pack a bag for Oli, just in case.

Its best to be prepared and you don’t want to have to bother with it if things do get worse.


I would talk to a pdoc before you just to the hospital. He could just readjust your meds. If he thinks its necessary, he will either advise you to go or just send you there anyways.

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This is my biggest fear with going into hospital, too. I don’t live near family so I have no idea how we would manage if I couldn’t be with my daughter. It’s the reason I started the shot and increased my meds so much. I haven’t been in the hospital since I was 7 months pregnant and I don’t want to go back before my daughter can take care of herself. Well, ideally never, but that doesn’t seem likely. Lol

Can you get in to get your meds adjusted?


You’re completely right!

I will speak to pdoc and see what he says anyway,

Thanks for the advice dude!


Yeah good idea, just felt like I was getting somewhere, maybe I’ve built a tolerance to my dose :frowning:

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I just don’t know who would look after Oli for me :frowning: and I can’t expect people to take time off work! I’ll try that x

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I’ve never had the impression of my meds not being as effective after staying on them for a while. For me its the opposite, the longer I take the med and the more consistent my blood level for the med gets, the better I seem to feel.

I visually hallucinate pretty much everyday. It’s mostly random stuff or animals, nothing really scary.

I’ve actually only experienced auditory hallucinations a few times, and I find the idea of it very scary. I’m okay with seeing things though.

You should go to the hospital if you’re feeling unsafe, or at least check in with your Pdoc. Your baby won’t resent you for it.


I was in the same boat. I really didn’t have options. The best we could come up with was having MIL take off work and come out. But I’ve never been in the hospital for LESS than 2 weeks at a time, so it’s not like it was just going to be a quick fix over the weekend or something. So it was extra scary.

I was able to have my clinician come visit me and get me in to see my pdoc early and we started the shot. I swear it saved me in many ways.

I hope you’re able to find something that works so you can avoid the hospital. Are there any mother baby units where you live?

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I realized I’m showing my own fear in giving advice. I’m sorry. Going to the hospital is not the end if the world and if you need to go you need to go. Things will work out. Yes, it sucks relying on other people to help you, but if they care about you or Oli then they’ll be willing to help you be a healthy mother and watch him while you get help. It’s not forever.

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You are very lucky you can seem to feel these things coming. For some of us, it hits us like a brick wall, and we just fall straight down the rabbit hole, with no warning.
Maybe now is a good time to make plans and preporations, just in case.
Talk to your doctor, and let him know your concerns. Also, let a few supportive people know, and maybe make a plan for just in case.
If you ever need to talk, you can message me, anytime.

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