Paranoid dreams all night throughout an episode and beyond in a short and non severe episode without paranoia at 47yoa

almost every night i go to literal paranoid hell all night long
anyone relate to this?
i had a week of outright positive symptoms and perhaps a month and a half deteriorating and a few weeks after to recover but i’m still having the dreams
the episode was just bizarre behaviour and strange positive psychosis, with energetic and tactile misinformation

bump sorry
anyone relate to persistent pure paranoia nightmares?

Everyday I go through it, everyday to some extent. The other night I had a dream I was beinf chased and then I died. I have to manage to maintain a straight face thru these adversities. So i hear you hopefully you feel better. I know here for some reason they see the post but don’t say anything. Oh well.

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thanks yea i relate back to you
usually it’s a paranoia of the whole town hating me but it’s real and they try to outcast me first then hunt me down

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Yeah paranoia is really horrible. Sorry you’re going through this. I know for me it’s exactly that, someone hunting me down.

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