im so ■■■■■■■ paranoid about dieing, i feel every day that i am going to die, high anxiety…i don’t want to die even though it would release me from this suffering…but i’m not suicidal as i am so afraid to die…i just need some piece of mind that i cant achieve…


Do you have some form of anxiety or panic disorder? Or just paranoia? These exacerbate the fear of death (which is normal). If you treat the underlying condition, then the fear of dying will shrink to a digestible level.

i dont know i dont tell my doctors everything but i try to, but when i feels one kind of pain anywhere i automatically think im going to die…

I’ve felt this way, honestly. I wasn’t sure if it was hypochondria, panic disorder, somatic delusions, paranoia or just flat out intense anxiety. My doctor increased my anxiety meds, told me to work on my breathing and coping techniques and that did the trick. You really have to address it with your doctor and let them know your level of discomfort.

What you are describing is right on with panic…you aren’t going to die and deep down you should know this? I had debilitating panic disorder for years and I finally defeated it by saying…“so what if I die?” even though it didn’t sink in for a while once I defeated the fear the panic went away…try taking slow deep breaths and concentrate on a pebble in your hand or something you can focus on…good luck. Panic is a real bitch.


You’re not alone, I too, think this way at every moment. Crossing the street? I’m probably going to be hit by a car. Walking home? Probably going to get mugged and killed. Sitting at home enjoying tea? Random heart attack.

I take busperone, have taken hydroxyzine-pam, neither works for this. My pdoc won’t give me anything harder like klonopin anymore, so I’m just stuck wandering around in a state of crisis.

To be honest, cannabis helps, but it increases my positive symptoms sometimes. I am tolerant to it, though, so I am not recommending you do what I do, since I’ve been smoking for a decade and everyone on here seems to have awful experiences with medicinal cannabis.

If you find a coping mechanism that is not medicinal cannabis, please post it, as I too would benefit from it!

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Sounds like you have an anxiety disorder of some sort.

Preoccupation with death and dying can be a sysmptom of Anxiety and/or depression.

I am obsessed with dying from all kinds of diseases, etc… I have like 4 different Anxiety disorders, including OCD.

Talk to your pdoc about it, there are treatments for this kind of gloom and doom thinking.


Same here.

Billions of other people have died, so if there is any sort of afterlife, I will have plenty of company.

If there’s not, it will be painless and peaceful, like sleep.

And it’s also inevitable, not much point in freaking out over the inevitable.

you guys are probably right i will mention that i am having a lot of anxiety