Paranoid colleague

Many years ago I worked for a big telecommunications company.

Anyway a fishingtrip was arranged between me and two colleagues. None of us knew each other very well.

We used my car to get to the fishing location. I had a knife in my car in the door pocket on the driver side in case there would be a accident and I needed to cut the security belt. The knife was in it’s sheath.

My colleague asked me why I had a knife there. And I told him. But he went paranoid. He had a knife with him also, but for fishing purposes. But he kind of took his knife out and had it at ready in his hand for the remainder of the drive and was really jittery. He was stressing me out.

Afterwards I wondered why I went fishing with these guys. We didn’t get along particulary well and there were severe trust issues. Sometimes strange happenings are arranged. I guess more so when one is young and unexperienced.


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