Paranoid 1515

I just read an article that said the city I live in has had 48 break and enters in the last 30 days alone… I always make sure to lock all my doors but still I am always paranoid about someone breaking a window and coming in and robbing me.

Lots of these criminals have guns on them too which makes me even more paranoid. What if i get shot and die?

I wish I didnt see this article, its triggering me.

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Anyone have any tips on reducing paranoia?

What’s the city population? Based on that we can compute the probability that your house or apartment becomes a target.

Also, I think burglars in general choose rich people, are you rich?

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@Andrey - Thanks for the reply, my city has a population of 900,000 people.

Also, no I am not rich.


Well, at a rate of roughly 600 incidents a year, over 300,000 households (3 people per family on average), it gives a 0.2% chance of being targeted. That’s 5 times less than the chance of having schizophrenia btw. I wouldn’t worry too much. You can reinforce your windows and set up an alarm system if you still feel insecure.


I feel a bit better now, thanks man! @Andrey


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