Paranoia sucks

Joined a closed mental health group on FB to be told by PM that my posts were visible on the main wall(set to friends). Cue paranoia . Was given assurances but now i am thinking was the person mistaken or were they playing on my paranoia.

My paranoia is always there, so much so that my therapist is suspecting a personality disorder attached to my severe mental illness. She mentioned personality disorder NOS or mixed personality disorder

It is my belief that paranoia via a personality disorder though less severe and psychotic in nature is often more chronic and persistent.

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I think you are right @firemonkey I am starting to notice this. I can also get psychotic paranoia from the SZ/bipolar part as well

paranoia is another misunderstood instinct. it is a conspiratorial world. one in which we have read fiction, or been shown fiction about men having the technologies to spy on anyone without them knowing, ever since childhood.

That doesn’t sound good. What if there are people on your wall that you don’t want to know about your condition?

Checked facebook help and it turns out the person had got it wrong.

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